Business Acquisition Financing
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Business Acquisition Financing

Prime Funding Partners are specialists in providing the necessary capital to fund almost any company that you wish to acquire. The limitations associated with conventional bank acquisition financing are not present with private money. Lenders in the private arena are much more flexible to make loans that make sense. Whether you are a start-up or an existing business wanting to make an acquisition, Prime Funding Partners offers a variety of different loan types that can help you attain your acquisition or start up goals. We are your funding problem solvers. Our goal is to say Yes when the banks say No!

Services we provide:


Purchase price evaluation: to determine if the purchase price can be supported based upon the financial performance or the target company.

In-depth analysis: to determine whether the purchase price is within the standards of the industry based on market multiples.

Financing to purchase the company: by leveraging the existing assets of the company to the maximum amount possible in order to keep your cash requirements to a minimum.

Provide the capital necessary: should there be a cash shortfall between the financing and the cash you are investing into the transaction.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation analysis of your financing needs.

A member of our professional staff will contact you to discuss your business’ short and long-term financial needs.